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5 ways to help victims of Hurricane Ian

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This week, Hurricane Ian swept through South and Central Florida, leaving a staggering amount of damage in its wake. At the time of this story’s publishing, the death toll has reached 42, more than 2 million people are without power, and thousands are facing at least temporary homelessness and a lengthy period of rebuilding.

We know givers at NCF want to find the best ways to use their Giving Funds to mobilize resources for victims of this unexpected crisis. Here are five ways you can help:

  1. Give now – Our offices in Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida are working together to find the best charities and churches on the ground supporting hurricane victims. They have established a special fund and will be making grants to nonprofits in their areas. You can make a fund-to-fund transfer by logging into your Giving Fund and going to the transfer page from the top navigation. Be sure to include the fund name and number: Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief and Crisis Fund, #294210. If you don’t have have a Giving Fund, you can open one in minutes or make a one-time donation here.
  2. Give later – It’s important to remember that the need for support doesn’t end when media coverage dies down. Insurance experts are predicting the rebuilding costs for Florida will be in the 10s of billions. If you want to help Florida long-term, you can set up a recurring grant schedule to a charity focused on rebuilding over the coming months and years. As we learn more information, we will share which charities have long-term plans to restore homes and livelihoods in the wake of Hurricane Ian.
  3. Give non-cash assets – If you really want to step up your support, consider giving non-cash assets such as appreciated securities, business interests, and real estate. These types of assets often provide tax-efficient benefits and may help you multiply your impact for the churches, Christian nonprofits, and other charities you feel called to support.
  4. Grant with confidence – When disasters strike, NCF can help you avoid the scams and fraud that are rampant. When you request a grant from your fund, we review the charity to ensure it’s IRS-approved and ready to receive support, so you can be confident you’re funding a legitimate organization.
  5. Pray – In the wake of a disaster, trauma often follows the crisis. As victims of Hurricane Ian face great losses, pray that they get the help they need. Pray that their hearts will be encouraged and that God, who works all things for the good of those who love him, will use this time to bring people to faith and draw his people nearer to himself.

If you don’t have a Giving Fund at NCF yet, learn more or open one today.

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