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The Value of Moms

FaithFi: Faith & Finance | May 10, 2024


Show Notes

“She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” - Proverbs 31:28

The True Value of Motherhood

As we approach Mother's Day, it's a great time to reflect on mothers' immense value to our lives, beyond their immeasurable emotional and spiritual support. While it's clear that a mother's contributions are priceless, have you ever wondered what the monetary value of a mother's work might be?

Recent data from Salary.com helps put this into perspective, revealing that if motherhood were paid like a traditional job, the average stay-at-home mom would earn an annual base salary of around $185,000. This figure accounts for her myriad roles—from Chief Financial Officer to Nurse and Educator. When you factor in potential bonuses, overtime, and hazard pay that a top employee might earn in the corporate world, this figure could easily surpass $200,000!

Working moms, too, work a staggering 54 hours a week managing home duties on top of their professional responsibilities. Whether in the workforce or full-time at home, moms perform a labor of love that would command a hefty salary in any other context.

Yet, the discussion about the value of mothers isn't just about financial compensation; it's also deeply rooted in spiritual and moral values. The Fifth Commandment, "Honor your father and mother," (Exodus 20:12) underscores the importance of recognizing and respecting parents, ranking it alongside commandments against stealing and murder. This commandment highlights the significance of family and the sacred act of honoring those who gave us life.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let's remember that honoring our mothers isn't just a once-a-year event but a lifelong commitment. It’s about more than just cards and flowers; it's about recognizing their daily sacrifices, respecting their contributions, and loving them unconditionally. After all, their role in our lives is beyond any price tag.

On Today’s Program, Rob Answers Listener Questions:

  • I have some plans from companies where I no longer work. One is with the same company; the other is one I had rolled into a Wells Fargo plan. I had heard on Christian radio about this company that helps you invest in places where it keeps your nest egg safe by using call options. And I'm curious about that option versus annuities versus some other option and what makes sense.
  • My husband passed away over 10 years ago and I was left with maybe I have left from the inheritance of $150,000. Five years ago, I put $40,000 in a CD, and the CDs are almost up. And then I have $100,000 sitting in a savings account making zero interest because it's in a savings account. And what can you advise me on if I'm 65?
  • I'm a 75-year-old widow, and I own my home, which is worth about $350,000 to $400,000. I heard you talk about high-yield accounts without locking your money into a CD, and I wanted to ask about that. I have about $175,000 in CDs, cash, and other assets.

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