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Save Money On Your Wedding With Crystal Paine

FaithFi: Faith & Finance | Sep 7, 2023


Show Notes

Family financial expert Crystal Paine is the creator of the amazing website MoneySavingMom.com.


The biggest thing is you need a budget. How much money can you realistically devote to paying for this wedding? Really think about your priorities when it comes to that budget. 



Create a budget by category and then decide what categories you want to prioritize and put a little bit more money in. And in which areas could you live with spending a little less? For example, perhaps you decide that spending a lot of money on professional photography isn’t all that important to you, but you would really like to have nice flowers. 

Decide ahead of time how to prioritize your resources. And we highly recommend that you do not go into debt!  It’s not worth it. You can simplify your wedding and still have a great marriage. We promise!



According to knot.com, about 43% of weddings now take place between September and November. So how does that affect the cost of a wedding?

Just remember the laws of supply and demand. If you’re holding your wedding at a really popular time of the year, your costs may increase. Venues, photographers, cake decorators, etc. … all may charge more because demand is higher at that time of year. 

So if possible, consider holding your wedding outside of those peak months. Perhaps you could consider a December through February wedding date. If you go in the offseason, it's also going to be easier to find service providers as they’re less likely to be booked up.



Crystal shares that she wore her mom's wedding gown during her wedding. But there are a lot of places online that offer great deals. For instance, David's Bridal offers sales a few times a year with significant discounts. Crystal says she’s seen wedding dresses for as little as $99. So planning ahead can really save you a lot of money there. 

Also, ask around to see if there’s anyone you know who can actually decorate cakes. There may be someone in your circle of friends, or a friend of a friend, who could help you save a lot of money on your cake. 

And if you’re willing to hold your wedding at your church, rather than an expensive outside venue, you may be able to save a bundle there as well. 

Unless you’re planning a super simple wedding, one investment that may be well worth your while is a wedding planner. Crystal shares that hiring a planner was the best investment she made for her wedding. A good planner can take a ton of stress off your plate. But they can also negotiate prices, help you stay within your budget, and may even save you money in the end. 

On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: 

  • What are the tax implications of giving an adult child a large cash gift? 
  • Does it make sense to enter into a rent-to-own agreement for a home if your credit isn’t great? 


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