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In Love With Faith-Based Investing Cassie & Rick Laymon

FaithFi: Faith & Finance | May 4, 2023


Show Notes

It’s a question more and more listeners are asking these days— how do I align my investments with my Christian values?The faith-based investment movement is turning heads in the financial industry as a growing number of believers get involved. We’ll talk with Cassie and Rick Laymon about the early days of the movement,  on Faith and Finance. 

Cassie and Rick Laymon with Lightpoint Portfolios™ were pioneers in the faith-based investing movement. They recently celebrated 25 years of helping believers invest in God's kingdom.

  • On this program, Rick shares the origins of his faith-based investing journey. Someone once asked him, “Rick, do you know what you're investing your client's money in?” 
  • As a newly recommitted Christian, he had no idea what the Bible had to say about money in those early years. Nor did he really understand the implications of stock ownership. Eventually, faith-based investing became the focus of his practice. 
  • Cassie shares that learning about faith-based investing played a pivotal role in her recommitment to Christ and in her eventual marriage to Rick. 
  • Rick and Cassie share that when they started in the faith-based investing sphere, there were fewer than a half dozen funds to choose from. Today, there are several dozen fund companies offering many quality investing options.
  • They also share key advice for faith-based investing: 
  • Know what you own inside of your portfolio. Ask your advisor if they have the tools to screen those current portfolio holdings so you will know exactly what you own. If not, you can contact Lightpoint Portfolios™ for help screening and auditing your investments through several database providers. 
  • Sometimes investors are surprised that they may be investing in things like abortion, pornography, adult entertainment, or addictions like alcohol, tobacco, and gambling; things that are harmful to people. 
  • If you have not had this conversation with your financial advisor, sometimes they don't even know that it's important to you as an investor. So please do ask him or her about this. 
  • Does investing in a way that aligns with your faith mean you have to sacrifice returns? Absolutely not in the long term. 
  • Many studies show that there is no long-term appreciable difference in performance between a faith-based portfolio and an unscreened portfolio. 
  • Learn more about faith-based investing at Lightpoint Portfolios™

On this program, Rob also answers listener questions: 

  • How can you determine if it’s wise to purchase the home of a deceased relative?
  • What is the best way to help a parent choose wise investment options?
  • When does a living trust make sense?


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