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Helping “the Least of These” with Brad Guffey

FaithFi: Faith & Finance | Sep 12, 2023


Show Notes

Brad Guffey is Chief Medical Director at Family Legacy Missions International where he specializes in treating infectious diseases. Family Legacy is the ministry changing the lives of around 13,000 orphans in Zambia.

They do that through a 4-part program: helping children grow academically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 


The physical and healthcare services that Family Legacy provides to Zambian children have grown tremendously in the last 10 years. 

  • Emphasis on pragmatism and efficiency in their approach.
  • Belief in being faithful in small tasks.
  • Acknowledgment of God's significant impact on their work and the lives of many children.
  • Transformation from starting in a tent in a shipping container 10 years ago to a high-quality healthcare facility.
  • Active service to several thousand families at any given time.


What does medical care look like in Zambia?

  • Zambia presents unique challenges with a population of 20 million, two-thirds of whom are under 25 years old.
  • The challenges of healthcare in Zambia include efforts to prevent children from being left uncared for.
  • Differences in healthcare include fewer prior authorizations but still dealing with paperwork.
  • Seasonal rainy flooding affects access to homes, necessitating home visits.
  • Various medical issues are highlighted, including opportunistic infections, cancers from advanced HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, rheumatic fever, heart valve disease, liver cancer due to environmental toxins, and uncommon conditions like lymphatic worms and blood flukes.
  • Routine medical problems are also common, often complicated by resource limitations, with severe malnutrition being a frequent issue, often stemming from poverty.


Healthcare is absolutely essential before these amazing children can take on any other challenges.

  • Emphasis on the essential role of healthcare for the 13,000 children in their program.
  • A comprehensive approach to helping and caring for vulnerable and orphaned children in Zambia is highlighted.
  • The mission is to glorify God by empowering these children to realize their God-given potential.
  • Acknowledgment of the importance of good health for the children to thrive.
  • Positive outcomes are observed, with children accessing modern medicine and receiving care from a dedicated team.
  • Despite improvements and modernization, there are still cases where children arrive at the clinic in dire conditions.
  • Brad shares an example about a child named Lydia, who overcame severe malnutrition, tuberculosis, seizures, and HIV, now living a healthier and happier life.


To learn more and find out how you can help, visit HopeForZambia.com/faithfi.

On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: 

  • Does taking a loan from an insurance policy affect your credit? 
  • Should you put the name of an adult child on a property deed for estate planning purposes to help it pass more easily to them upon the death of the parent? 
  • Upon the death of a parent, does it make sense to sell the parent’s home and split the proceeds with a sibling? 
  • What is the best way to start saving money for grandkids? 
  • Is a home equity line of credit a good way to pay for home improvements? 


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