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3 Financial Questions To Answer With Ron Blue

FaithFi: Faith & Finance | Sep 6, 2023


Show Notes

Ron Blue is co-founder of Kingdom Advisors and the author of several books on personal finances from a biblical perspective, including Never Enough?: 3 Keys to Financial Contentment

Ron published a video series a while back for Kingdom Advisors that revealed 3 questions everyone needs to answer.



1. WHO OWNS IT?  This question is so foundational because until you answer that question, you don't know the difference between the steward and the owner. And when I say I own it, then I can do whatever I want with money. But if I say God owns it, now my actions change because I know that I’m managing someone else’s resources. Answering that question will not only change your behavior; it will change your life. 

2. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?  Those of us in the United States live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves “wealthy” by American standards enjoy a higher standard of living than most everyone else in the world. 

A recent golf tournament awarded the winner $3.6 million dollars. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the winner receiving that money. But the question is: How much is enough? Is there an amount that when you reach it, you’re done? Or do you keep pushing for more because there’s always someone ahead of you? In other words, unless you have a finish line, you’ll never truly have contentment. 

3. IS THE NEXT STEWARD CHOSEN AND PREPARED?  Again, we live in a wealthy culture. Let's just take the average person, if you will, who owns a home. If they died of old age, then they've had a retirement plan, perhaps, and they own a home and they're debt free. Then somebody's going to need to manage the money and assets left behind after your death. It's a really good idea to know who that is, and make sure that they're prepared. 

And the reason that's so important is because you're really transferring God's possessions and God's money. So you want to make sure you’re transferring it to someone who considers themselves to be a steward and accepts that responsibility. 


On today’s program, Rob also answers listener questions: 

  • Is there a legitimate way to have student debt forgiven or lower the interest rates on your student loans? 
  • If you receive a notice that your home’s escrow account is insufficient, should you pay a lump sum or just accept a larger mortgage payment? 
  • Does investing in an annuity ever make sense? 
  • Can you switch a whole life insurance policy to term life at age 74? 
  • Is it a good time to buy bonds? 


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