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Why Should Faith Driven Investors Read the Bible?

As socially-conscious investing becomes more and more popular within the investor community, some people wonder whether reading scripture is worthwhile. Isn’t it enough to simply have good intentions and work toward a better world?

God’s Word informs our work. We can take the financial news of the day and wrap it in scripture. That’s because God’s Word cannot be overlooked. Nor should it be considered irrelevant for a modern economy and sophisticated investment structures.

The first action we should take is to read scripture each day with an eye toward what it might mean for our investment life. No matter what kind of investor you are – whether you’re just starting out or have been managing capital for over a decade – you’re going to have questions about your next steps.

Don’t be driven by the ups and downs of the market. Truth is not found in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 Index, or the Nasdaq Composite Index. It’s rooted in the unshakable underpinnings of God’s steadfast ability to bring order out of chaos. In fact, scripture can help us navigate the complex world of investing. Here are a few areas of interest to Faith Driven Investors.

  • Where to invest next
  • Who to choose as financial partners
  • Who should benefit from our investments
  • How to make sure money doesn’t blind us to God’s will
  • How to be fair and equitable to all parties involved

We believe strongly that Faith Driven Investors should be guided by scripture. In fact, one of our distinctive Marks of a Faith Driven Investor is being “Attuned to God’s Word.” Now, let’s take a look at four ways reading the Bible can shine light along the winding path of investing.

1. Scripture Puts Money in Perspective

You cannot serve both God and money. Jesus makes this point abundantly clear in the gospels, but investors often skirt around this passage. We want to serve both masters. But that often leads to heartache and confusion. See, Jesus was able to do quite a bit without seed funding or an IPO, and while money is a useful tool that we can use to advance God’s kingdom, it can very easily entangle us in webs of greed and false ambition. Spend time in God’s Word in order to free your heart from the snare of money.

2. Scripture Reveals God’s Priorities

Faith Driven Investors often face a tricky predicament. On the one hand, we’re drawn to the compounding power of investing. We understand that a key investment will create value not only for ourselves, but also for everyone else associated with the company. But on the other hand, we recognize that God sometimes calls us to make investments that don’t lead to obvious financial gains. If we’re not spending time in God’s Word, we might sneak a glance at the broader market and become envious of higher rates of return.

But God’s economy, which is based on treasures we lay up in heaven, isn’t measured by realized gain and dollar amounts. Instead, we should focus on sharing the good news with others, caring for the sick and poor, and preserving God’s good creation. These are incredibly rich returns on investment.

Where does God invest his time and attention? This is the question we should be asking ourselves as Faith Driven Investors. And what better place to find answers than God’s Word?

3. The Bible Helps Us Understand What Love Looks Like

Many faith driven investors want to make a positive difference in the world, but even the best intentions can be corrupted and manipulated. Charities and social businesses alike can exacerbate existing systemic issues when outsiders try to “help” without thinking of unintended consequences. Too many investors are swayed by glossy pitch decks but never consider if their investment is being used to truly love others.

The Bible’s greatest theme is love. For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son. Many Christian leaders emphasize Christ’s teaching to love God and love others. If we read the Bible regularly, we will be able to recognize what true love means, and armed with that truth, we can make sure our investments truly advance God’s love in the world.

4. God Speaks to Us Through His Word

The Bible provides many wise principles that can be applied to investing and wealth creation. The Proverbs can help us use our money wisely and judge a CEO’s character. However, scripture isn’t an economics 101 textbook – it is the living, breathing Word of God. This means we should read the Bible so that God can speak to our specific circumstances.

If you’re struggling with a specific question or anxiety, bring your concerns before God during a morning Bible study. Ask Him to reveal His will to you through the many stories of the Bible. Meditate on a few passages and find parallels between the author’s experience and your own. You’ll be surprised at how God will speak into your life.

We hope this list encourages you to spend more time reading the Bible. The world might say that scripture doesn’t apply to investment strategies, but we’ve found the opposite to be true. Faith driven investments lead to lasting legacies that advance God’s eternal kingdom.

To help you get started, Faith Driven Investor has created 10 Bible Reading Plans geared toward investors like you. Explore topics like “Bible Basics for Investors” and “The Impact and Attitudes of a Faith Driven Investor.” All plans are hosted on the YouVersion app so that you can stay on track no matter how busy your schedule may be.

Start a Faith Driven Investor Bible Reading Plan Today!

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