March 16th

It all depends on how good Plaid works with your bank, as all account data comes from Plaid. You should report the account and your experience to Faith Fi support, they will look into it. Go into the account and press the three dot button, then the Report button.

March 16th

Ok thanks.

March 16th

Fidelity stopped working with Plaid last year. I just stopped using my Fidelity credit card. Working just fine: my regular credit union, CitiBank, US Bank. However, CitiBank is downright slow, taking 2 business days at times (which seems forever for charges that occur late Friday night and don't show until Tuesday). But that's why we enter Placeholders manually.

March 17th

I was told by FaithFi that they have been having trouble with Plaid and Chase. What is placeholders?

March 19th

My Credit Union, Plaid, FaithFi is consistent. In fact in three other systems I had an issue but not once with FaithFi. I’m addition, FaithFi answers feedback and concerns lightning fast. Thanks FaithFi!

March 24th

Totally. I signed up for the Pro version and we actually changed ALL our banking over to another bank that connected, as our old credit union did not. Shortly after we started using FaithFI (January/Feb) suddenly that bank stopped connecting. They are apparently looking into it but I've had to do manual for weeks now. :/ I just tried sending a message through support to ask for an update but it seems to be malfunctioning. After trying MANY different programs, I settled on this one because it seemed the closest to Mvelopes and I got downright tired of testing out all the others, but now it's getting tiresome waiting for this to be solved...especially after paying for it...
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