Retirement and high yield savings
January 23rd
Hi, I'm a single mom. I'm 32 years old. I am self employed cleaning homes and delivering for apps like DoorDash. I homeschool as well. I have a traditional IRA with betterment that I rolled over to betterment from past work on base. I have a Roth with Timothy plan. I'd like to move that to betterment or eventide since I just found out about even tide. I also would like to put my savings in something with a high yield instead of a regular savings account. Is betterment ok? I would like to have money in something with good biblical values but betterment does auto investment and it's all so confusing to me. Any advice/wisdom? It all confuses me. I was looking at the cash reserve option for savings at betterment with 3.75%. but I truly don't want to invest where it's going to wicked companies. If that makes sense.

January 24th

Hello - yes indeed He is King - good handle -:) It would be inappropriate for me to give you specific investing advice - but you have three ways to proceed. 'Hire' a professional adviser such as a Kingdom Adviser affiliate - just make sure they are a fiduciary. 2ndly - go it along blindly hoping for the best - tho simply using Betterment's recommended portfolios that are appropriate for your age and risk is okay. Lastly - check in with MoneyWise recommended Sound Mind Investing who have a ton of investing info in their monthly newsletters plus weekly - even daily emails on market conditions, etc. They have various portfolios to follow plus a great momentum based methodology for mutual fund/ETF funding for the long haul - we have used then personally for decades. BTW - check with or nerdwallet for savings - MM accounts - but that 3.75 is very good - some mutual fund MM accounts pay slightly more. - (SMI’s Web site)

January 27th

I understand your heart, but ultimately "Caesars" currency supports evil purposes. I think we can get too bogged down in the minutia of "is every company perfect" before we spend or invest a dollar. I don't think you could grocery shop if you use this method (unless you have a local farmer's market and know the people). Yes, I try to avoid companies that are opposed to my values, and try to support companies that better align with my values - when it makes sense. Example: I'm out of time for an event and must have product X (diapers, formula, whatever) and the only open/closest store is one that I'd rather not support, or I can drive 30 minutes and be late to a wedding and shop at a store that better aligns with my values (again, this is just an example). I'm not going to be legalistic and just get things done. But, if possible, I plan ahead, and would avoid places that are opposed to or less aligned with my values. Having said that, I would recommend looking at (formerly GMAC, aka General Motors Acceptance Corporation, created to give auto loans to those buying GM vehicles). Mr. West recommends Ally as well on his show. They have 3.3% rate now.

January 27th

Also, I would caution against "chasing rates" too much. Obviously, you want to be within a percentage point of the better rates. But when comparing on NerdWallet or BankRate, you want to look at the fine details. Usually the top rate is a "teaser rate" and won't be the top rate in a quarter. Also, the top rates often have "gimmicks" that require direct deposit or XX transactions on a Debit Card each month to qualify for the rate. The consistently best gimmick-free rate that I've found is Ally. The often move their rate once a month to follow the Federal interest rate changes.
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