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How Do I Grow Generosity at My Church?

Church giving can be an uncomfortable topic, but funding is essential to your church's function. There are many hurdles to overcome, but with the right approach, you can help your congregation grow and become better givers.

How Do I Grow Generosity at My Church?

1. Address the Discomfort

To make a change, you must first acknowledge the elephant in the room; some people are uncomfortable or unwilling to give. Help them understand the Biblical perspective on giving and the attitudes that should motivate it. Equally important, show them your church can be trusted to steward their gifts by modeling good stewardship and generosity as a church.

Extra Resource: Reasons you people aren’t giving and what you can do about it.

2. Have a clear theology of money and stewardship… preach it and teach it.

There are a few reasons why people don't give. For some, it's a distrust of The Church. Some feel that tithing and giving are Old Testament laws no longer relevant to Christians today. Due to poor money management, others can't maintain their financial obligations and give. As much as your people may want to give and express generosity, some may be unable to. This is why a Stewardship & Generosity Ministry is such an essential aspect of the discipleship of your congregation. By meeting your congregation where they are and teaching them God's financial principles, you can help them develop a practical and biblically-based understanding of money.

Stewardship is not primarily about funding the church. It's first about lordship and the posture of our heart toward God. When people understand their roles as stewards, giving to fund God's work will become a natural outflow of faithfully managing their money.

3. Be Clear in Your Giving Message and Giver Communication

Giving to the church, especially tithing, is a spiritual expression of one's faith in God, and it's crucial that your congregation is discipled to know and understand this. Acknowledging their gift and encouraging them through God's word is important because it helps them understand the purpose of giving.

Many churches miss a discipleship opportunity by not crafting an intentional message to thank people for their gifts. A simple video link with a 2-3 minute video for first-time givers is an easy and effective way to show that your church cares, is grateful, and wants them to grow closer to the Lord.

For those who give regularly, reminding them of the spiritual significance of their gift helps them remember that generosity is an important aspect of their lives and enables them not to become complacent in their giving.

4. A Stewardship Ministry can help change your church's culture of giving and generosity.

Having a generous church is possible but highly unlikely without a ministry dedicated to discipling and equipping its members in biblical stewardship and generosity. The Christian Stewardship Network is dedicated to helping churches understand and teach biblical stewardship and generosity. Whether you’re brand new to stewardship or a long-time practitioner, let our network partner with you. We’ve curated and created content designed to equip churches of all sizes in growing healthy stewardship ministries. Check out our library of online courses and resources.

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