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Understanding the Impact of Investments With Mark Regier

Faith & Finance with Rob West | Dec 16, 2021


Show Notes

“Impact” is a word on the minds of many Christians today when it comes to their investments. We want to know that our portfolios do more than generate a financial return. We want them to make a real difference in the world. Mark Regier joins Rob West to discuss how your investments can make a real difference in the world.

  • Mark Regier is Vice President for Stewardship Investing for Praxis Mutual Funds, an underwriter of MoneyWise. Praxis is a leading, faith-based family of mutual funds that seeks to deliver real world impact in all their funds.
  • Start by asking some key questions: What’s important to you? What do you want to see happen in the world?
  • Visit the websites of the funds you invest in and look at the information they provide about the values of the companies within those funds.
  • Check out websites that provide more information about corporate accountability, such as Moningstar.com and AsYouSow.org. Just keep in mind that various sources may have their own worldviews and agendas , which may or may not be perfectly aligned with your values.
  • Praxis is about to release its second annual “Real Impact Report.”And it is preparing to launch what it calls its “ImpactX framework” to help investors gain new understanding about the impact of their investments.
  • Learn more about Praxis Mutual Funds at PraxisMutualFunds.com

On this program, Rob also answers a listener question about the following:

  • Should you use the proceeds from a property sale to pay off your mortgage?
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