January 24th

Hi Fuji - yes - this does happen - for a variety of business reasons - some go out of business - or some stop doing that line of work - and Fannie or Freddie have to locate another loan servicer for your mortgage. The big thing to watch out for is that you can access your loan info online and verify that the new servicer is actually receiving your payments - checks or auto online payments and they are crediting them to you properly. Also - if the loan servicer is handling escrow accounts for taxes and insurance - make sure those balances transferred intact and are upped with each payment made. Also - if you are prepaying your mortgage principle at all - make sure those payments go 100% to reducing the mortgage balance. And finally - again if they are handling escrows - make sure your insurance carrier knows of the change in case of a loss/claim - and closely monitor to make sure your county treasurer is receiving your real estate taxes promptly so you are not delinquent or get hit with penalties for late pays that are NOT your fault - in summary - totally stay on top of things - ignorance is definitely not bliss in this type of situation.

January 25th

Interesting Fuji, I have the exact same change happening...Mr. Cooper to Roundpoint. Will let you know how it goes. This is good advice from Ivan.

January 26th

Mortgages don’t traditionally “change hands”. Public data shows the certificates of satisfactions, Deeds and liens on the property. You may want to hire a reputable Attorney for advice. Good Luck!

January 27th

@G this isn't correct. Lenders buy and sell loans to each other all the time. No reason to get an attorney involved, this is just normal Lender behavior. I'm heading toward my fourth lender in the past 2 years. Honestly it's not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. It just means I send my monthly payment to a different company...they don't have the legal right to change the terms of the loan, so it really doesn't matter. It's just a pain to re-set payments, and make sure everything is set-up right (as Ivan mentioned above).
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