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Investing for Real-World Change with Stella Tai

FaithFi | Oct 15, 2021

Show Notes

These days, many investors want their assets to do more than provide for their financial futures, they want them to reflect their faith values as well. God calls us to be faithful stewards and that also means looking beyond the bottom line and towards stewarding the non-financial impact of our investments. On this MoneyWise, we speak with Stella Tai of Praxis Mutual Funds.

  • Today, more than ever before, we have more options to help investors align their portfolios with their values. Stella, the Manager for Stewardship Investing Impact and Analysis at Praxis Mutual Funds, addresses this. If you’re new to this idea, Praxis is a leading, faith-based family of mutual funds.
  • Praxis starts with recognition that God owns it all and that our job is understand the true owners objectives and these go beyond financial returns. There’s an early commitment to move beyond screening to allow everyday investors make a real difference for the kingdom through investments while meeting financial objectives.
  • Praxis believes that opportunities for impact should not just be for high net worth investors. Financial products exist for low-to-moderate income people.
  • “Investing together, impacting the world”—witnessing the impact that the faith community can have upoon kingdom values.

On this program we also answer a listener’s question:

  • I’m 62, not yet retired, and have $10,000 saved. I also have a closed-out IRA worth about $10,000. My house is paid for. What are some strategies I can do now to be a financial blessing to my granddaughters?

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