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COVID Update With Lauren Gajdek

Faith & Finance with Rob West | Feb 7, 2022

Show Notes

Today Lauren Gajdek of Christian Healthcare Ministries joins Rob West to discuss the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the blessings that come with belonging to a medical cost sharing program.

  • Christian Healthcare Ministries is a unique, biblical form of medical coverage. It is not insurance. Unlike most insurance plans, patients and their doctors are in charge of determining what care is appropriate. When members receive bills for medical services, they can then submit those bills to CHM, in accordance with membership guidelines, to “share” the costs and receive assistance with payment or reimbursement for payments already made.
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Christian Healthcare Ministries has shared to cover the costs of more than $26 million dollars in COVID-related medical bills. CHM shares pandemic-related costs just as it does costs related to other illnesses.
  • Part of what makes CHM so very different from standard medical insurance companies is the prayer and support framework for members. Members can support and pray for one another, and staff members often take time to stop and pray with members. Part of CHM’s biblical mission is to help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of members, not just the financial ones. It is a community of believers coming together to support one another.
  • CHM has a long history of helping members meet their healthcare costs, and they recently passed a major milestone, having shared $7 billion dollars in medical costs since its founding.
  • Most health care options have an open season, but you can sign up for CHM membership any time.
  • To learn more call (800) 791-6225 or visit CHMinistries.org.

On this program, Rob also answers listener questions:

  • How do you determine if an FHA streamlined home loan would be a good option?
  • Would it make sense to borrow against a property to pay off credit card or other higher interest debt?

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