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Investing as Ambassadors

“We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us” (2 Corinthians 5:20a).

In the same way that the political ambassadors of our day serve as representatives of their home countries while living abroad, we, as followers of Christ, live on the earth as representatives of heaven.

Philippians 3:20 reminds us that our true citizenship is already established in heaven, even while we live out our days on earth. We are here to represent the culture and the values of the kingdom of heaven, and to be a conduit through which God makes His appeal. The appeal He desires to make through us is essentially the Great Commission—He wants to invite absolutely everyone to be adopted into His family through Christ Jesus.

When our lives are surrendered to King Jesus, we represent the culture of heaven with increasing accuracy. As we mature in the Lord, our lives consistently reflect a culture that contrasts sharply with the world around us. Our resource management choices are a direct reflection of our level of understanding of His ways and His nature.

Radical generosity overcomes old fear- and greed-driven behaviors. Partnership with God grows in our lives where there once was rebellion. Extravagant love for people supplants selfish ambition. A desire for unity disrupts the desire to compete.

As our internal world becomes increasingly heaven-like, our external behaviors also change and stand in contrast to our old ways of navigating life. The impact of this transformation on our stewardship decisions is far-reaching, but I’d like to zero in on how it transforms the investment process.

I realize that most people may be investing in diversified funds, managed portfolios, or other baskets of securities, but to preserve the connection between investor and business as we explore this philosophy of investing, let’s think in terms of specific businesses. As an investor of God’s money, we can apply an “Ambassador Filter” over every investment opportunity by asking ourselves these questions:

  • Am I representing Jesus well as His ambassador if I invest His money in this business, given the products or services it provides?
  • Does this business somehow reflect the culture and values of heaven (for example, seeking justice by carefully examining their supply chain for issues such as slave labor)?
  • Dose this business honor, serve, and bless people (such as their customers or employees) as members, or potential members, of God’s expansive family?
  • Is this business stewarding God’s money in a way that would please Him?

I believe heaven’s storehouses are full of creative solutions for the problems that plague humanity, and that business can be a blessing. As an ambassador, it’s my job to exhibit the nature of God and the culture of heaven by tapping into God’s wisdom and using His resources for the benefit of those around me. If that sounds like an impossible job, that’s because it is…if we try to do it alone.

First of all, pray and ask God for wisdom and guidance as you seek to align your investing with your role as his ambassador. Secondly, seek out a qualified wealth advisor as more and more Certified Kingdom Advisors are taking an interest in this type of investing (which they may refer to as Values-Based Investing, Biblically Responsible Investing, Faith-Based Investing, or Faith Driven Investing). Or, for those who prefer a DIY approach, there are now over one hundred faith-based mutual funds and ETFs that use various approaches to invest capital with the heart of an ambassador.

Learn more about Rachel at Wealth Squared.

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