March 19th

Great question for a tax prep pro. In general, the IRS wants you to be within 10%, and if you owe more than that, there are penalties.

March 19th

Taxes can be a bit complex - but by using one or more of the calculators below you can come close enough to avoid any penalty. Well in advance of year end - add up all of your taxable income - subtract all of your itemized deductions or your standard deduction to determine your taxable income. The brackets for a married couple filing jointly are 10/12/22/24, etc., and you can calculate by downloading tax brackets for 2023 to determine how to proceed for this year. Free estimated tax calculator - Refunds - Shortfalls - Federal only - SS Taxation - Comprehensive taxes

March 19th

Just opinion here. I would not think $23 is ever a concern. Typically there is an over/under 10% threshold. However, in my 37 years of returns several have been over under by more than 10% and it didn’t matter. IRS is not a fine tuned machine by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s great that you’re watching.

March 20th

The same thing happened to me about four years ago. I started using the IRS withholding calculator and haven't had any problems since then.
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